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Women's TableTalk

December 1st, 2017

Gather around a table with other women from Calvary enjoying a meal or even just coffee together. When you sign up, you will be placed in a particular home with 8-10 other women for the evening to get to know each other and laugh together. A host will contact you letting you know the specifics of where you will be headed.

You can sign up to be a host or a participant and you can also sign up with a friend to be paired up with. This will be a wonderful time of fellowship with women from our church that you won’t want to miss!

If you sign up as a host, you will be contacted with the names and contact information for the women in your group and if you are a participant your host will contact you letting you know time and location for your night.

Senior Christmas Show in Lincoln

December 2nd, 2017


We will be taking a church vehicle to Lincoln Christian University to watch “Christmas in the Chapel” and eat dinner at Bonanza in Lincoln.

Please pay for the show ahead of time for ticket ordering. The buffet is $12.50 and can be paid individually at the time of the event.

Sign up in the Welcome Center by November 19.

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Mexico Mission Trip // Jeff Waller

December 15th - December 19th, 2017


MEXICO // December 15-19, 2017// $100

Thank you for showing your interest in the Calvary mission trip to Mexico! With Christmas approaching, nothing will get you ready for the season like giving gifts to children who need to see God's gospel-love in action!

COST // $100

Includes all meals, snacks, and accommodations (including utilities) while in Juarez, Mexico. This does not include travel expenses or other accommodations or purchases.


Friday, Dec. 15th // Meet at Grace Chapel in El Paso, TX. Travel across the border together into Juarez, Mexico. Arrive at Pastor Alfredo's gated church properties, our accommodations for the trip.

Saturday, Dec. 16th // Travel to various churches in the mountains and countryside surrounding Juarez. Local pastors will give the gospel to the hundreds of children and parents that will gather, and we will hand out Christmas bags! It's a full day and the best day!

Sunday, Dec. 17th // Celebrate with the family of God at Pastor Alfredo's church. Get a taste of Mexico for lunch. Then see the sights of Juarez, including the famous Our Lady of Guadalupe church--a very contrasting sight to our worship that morning.

Monday, Dec. 18th // Start the day with a group devotion and reflection. Barter with local vendors, as we shop at the El Mercado (market). Then, participate in local Bible Clubs and give out more Christmas Bags!

Tuesday, Dec. 19th // Start the day with another group devotion and reflection. See some more sights of Juarez in the afternoon, including the new location Jeff and Alfredo are purchasing. Then, participate in local Bible Clubs and give out more Christmas Bags! This will be our final scheduled time together (the carpool will travel back to Illinois after this).


We are asking all participants to arrive in El Paso, Texas on Friday evening, December 15th. We are not including the cost of travel in this year's pricing to free individuals and families to make their own arrangements. Here's a few helpful hints, and we will be adding information to this page as we have it:


A group will be meeting at the Calvary Baptist Church parking lot on Thursday, December 14th to carpool to El Paso. This group will share cost of gas, and two (2) nights of lodging on the 20-hour road trip. Seth Voeltner will be the primary driver. If you are interested in carpooling with this group, please answer YES the CARPOOL question when registering. Please know that this option will save you money compared to flying, but it's a long trip. If you are up for an adventure, this is the option for you. (There is also the possibility that we may drive through the night on the way back, Tuesday, December 19th.) *Please come back to this page for updates*.

Leaving // Thursday, December 14th // 7A

Returning // Wednesday, December 20th // 8P

FLYING // If you choose to fly, you have the freedom to make your own arrangements. (Presently, Southwest has the best "Wanna Get Away" fares from Chicago Midway to El Paso) This option allows you extra freedom if you are not able to be in Mexico for the full duration of the trip. Jeff Waller has said that he is interested in getting as many people on the trip as want to go. He will drive anyone over the border to El Paso to make whatever flight they need to.


At this point in time, $100 will cover food and lodging in Mexico. When you decide you are going, please pay a $50 non-refundable deposit by Sunday, November 26th. (See how to register below)


You WILL need a passport or passport card to travel to Mexico. If you do not have a passport or passport card (A passport card is acceptable because we are not flying into Mexico.) I would encourage you to start that process as soon as possible. Passports can take 4-6 week. Our trip is 6 weeks away.

If you have questions, please contact Seth at or your local post office.


Ready to register? Great! Please click the button and make a payment to register!

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Weekend to Remember - Transportation signup

March 2nd - March 4th, 2018

Where is your marriage today? Is it drifting towards isolation or intentionally moving toward oneness? You know what “oneness” feels like — conflicts resolve quickly, adventures happen together, and sex is on point. It’s great. But great marriages don’t just happen. Greatness takes investment. And isn’t that why you walked down the aisle – because you longed for a great relationship that lasts a lifetime? Find out what over 3 million couples worldwide have experienced at FamilyLife’s Weekend to Remember. It’s your turn to make a great marriage happen.

Find out more from the Weekend to Remember website

Basic Info

  • Event Dates: March 2-4
  • Event Location: Lincolnshire (Chicago) Marriott Resort (directions via Google Maps)
  • Event Schedule: available here
  • You MUST register yourself online by clicking here
  • Save $100 off your total registration by registering under GroupName: cbcnormal
  • Black Friday/Cyber Monday online offer for 50% off total registration available Nov. 24-27
  • Special hotel rate: $120/night until 02/16/2018 (subject to availability) click here to book a room
  • Meals and transportation costs are NOT included in registration fee

CBC Bus Transportation (provided free of charge)


  • 2:00PM Load up in front parking lot
  • 2:15PM Hit the road
  • 4:45PM Arrive/Unload/Register for event at Marriott Hotel
  • 5:30PM Check into rooms (supper on your own)
  • 7:00PM First Session begins


  • 12:15PM Load up at Marriott
  • 12:30PM Hit the road
  • 1:00PM Lunch stop
  • 3:30PM Arrival at CBC

For more information, contact Pastor Trevor